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Dead Cross - II

Out 28/10/22 on Indie Exclusive Glass Coffin Vinyl OR Counterfeit Gold Vinyl


When Dead Cross released their self-titled debut in the Summer of 2017, Mike Patton, in conversation with Rolling Stone, said “I’m not some young tough guy trying to prove a point anymore. For me to make a record like this, it’s entirely a musical adventure. I just think it’s fun, and it makes me smile a lot.” Visually, and audibly, Dead Cross is a snarling beast from some of music’s most experimental and dare we say, hardcore, musicians: Dave Lombardo (drums), Michael Crain (guitar), Justin Pearson (bass) and the aforementioned Patton on vocals, but at its core it’s a group of friends having fun, paying homage to the music they love and asking music fans to come along for the ride. It’s that very friendship that brought the band members back together once again and gave us II, their new release out Oct 28th, 2022.



1 Love Without Love
2 Animal Espionage
3 Heart Reformer
4 Strong and Wrong
5 Ants and Dragons
6 Nightclub Canary
7 Christian Missile Crisis
8 Reign of Error
9 Imposter Syndrome


Integral - Indie - IPC248LP2

Integral - IPC248LP

Dead Cross - II

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