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James McMurtry - The Horses And The Hounds

Released 20/08/21. Double LP.


In James McMurtry's new effort, The Horses and the Hounds, the acclaimed songwriter backs personal narratives with effortless elegance (Canola Fields) and endless energy (If It Don't Bleed). This fi rst collection in seven years spotlights a seasoned tunesmith in peak form as he turns toward refl ection (Vaquero) and revelation (closer Blackberry Winter). Familiar foundations guide the journey. "There's a defi nite Los Angeles vibe to this record," McMurtry says. "The ghost of Warren Zevon seems to be stomping around among the guitar tracks. Don't know how he got in there. He never signed on for work for hire."



James McMurtry - The Horses And The Hounds

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