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Pulled Apart By Horses - One Night In Heaven

Record Store Day 2015 Release. Limited to 500 Copies. 


Pulled Apart By Horses celebrate this year's Record Store Day with a new live album entitled  'One Night In Heaven' available on super limited 12" vinyl via Too Pure Records / Transgressive. The album is a recording of a live set from their recent London headline show at Heaven in November 2014. The live album marks the end of an era as Pulled Apart By Horses' last release with founding member and stick-smith Lee Vincent, but the band are excited to introduce their new drummer Tommy Davison (Department M, These Monsters, Dinosaur Pile-Up).


Track listing


1 Hot Squash
2 Skull Noir
3 V.E.N.O.M
4 Moonlit Talons
5 Lizard Baby
6 Shake Off the Curse
7 The Crapsons
8 Medium Rare
9 Grim Beat
10 Some Mothers
11 You Want It
12 Everything Dipped In Gold
13 High Five, Swan Dive, Nose Dive


Too Pure – PURE400LP

Pulled Apart By Horses - One Night In Heaven

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