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Ride - 4 EPs

Out 04/11/22 on 2xLP White Vinyl


A special release from the shoegaze legends RIDE, packing their 4 EPs into one Double LP set.

"We were really looking forward to getting out and touring the 30th anniversary of 'Nowhere' back in 2020. Then the pandemic hit and delayed our plans, but here we are in 2022 and we are still buzzing about getting out on the road, if anything, more so than before. We feel that ‘Nowhere’ is a debut album worth celebrating and as well as the tour we also have decided to start pressing new editions of the vinyl from the original Ride era, the first batch of which not only includes 'Nowhere' but also' Going Blank Again' and an album we’ve created out of the first 4 EPs. This new album has given us a chance to create some new (but old school) Ride artwork, in conjunction with the team at Wichita, which we are pretty pleased with. To get this Nowhere themed period up and running, we have also created a live film of us performing the entire album, in as close a location as we could to the site of the original recording session at Blackwing studios.“




  • 1.Chelsea Girl
  • 2.Drive Blind
  • 3.All I Can See
  • 4.Close My Eyes
  • 5.Like A Daydream
  • 6.Silver
  • 7.Furthest Sense
  • 8.Perfect Time
  • 9.Dreams Burn Down
  • 10.Taste
  • 11.Here and Now
  • 12.Nowhere
  • 13.Unfamiliar
  • 14.Sennen
  • 15.Beneath
  • 16.Today


Integral - WEBB574LP

Ride - 4 EPs


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