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Sports Team - Plant Test

Released 28/05/21 on indie exclusive black vinyl.


Sports Team will release a special, limited edition B-sides & Rarities Vinyl, Plant Test, available only at Independent retailers in the UK. Independent retail has been at the heart of Sports Team’s output, having had the biggest vinyl sales for a debut British artist in 2020, and number 1 on official vinyl chart week of release.


This release is the first since their debut album ‘Deep Down Happy’ described as “a debut as wry, energetic and charismatic as their inexhaustible live presence has always promised”(L&Q) and “an album soaked in teen spirit, Sports Team are the complete package” (DORK), the record went on to become the biggest selling album of the week in Independent Retail, and was nominated for the prestigious Hyundai Mercury Prize, alongside Dua Lipa, Charli XCX, Laura Marling, and winner Michael Kiwanuka.




Side A
1. Happy [Tracking demo]  
2. Jane [LP 2, Monkton Combe]         

3. Plastic, Plastic! [Propagations Studios, Devon, March 2020]  
4. Sleeping Every Night [Home demo, 2019] 
5. The Races [Lamacq live recording, 2019]   
6. Give it a Day [Home demo, 20??]
7. Rome [Home Demo, 2019]

Side B

1. High Brow [Westbourne recording phone]
2. Elvis, ‘54 [Going Soft Bedroom Demo]         
3. Beverly Rose [Live at Moth Club] 
4. Back to the Point [Live at Moth Club]           
5. On My Mind [Phone recording ft. Dave McCracken]
6. Ski Lifts [Live phone demo]             
7. Fishing [Lamacq live recording, 2019]


UMC - 3580628

Sports Team - Plant Test


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