The Used - Heartwork

The new full length album from the iconic rockers The Used, fusing up a big mixture of punk, emo and aggressive led post-hardcore. Following on from 2017's double album The Canyon that saw the band experiment and try out new things. For Heartwork, the band has joined back up with their long-standing original producer John Feldmann to create a record that captures the energy and style of their earlier sounds.


This is the Ltd Ed Red splatter vinyl. 


Track listing


A1 Paradise Lost (A Poem By John Milton)  
A2 Blow Me  
A3 Big, Wanna Be  
A4 Bloody Nose  
B1 Wow, I Hate This Song  
B2 My Cocoon  
B3 Cathedral Bell  
B4 1984 (Infinite Jest)  
C1 Gravity's Rainbow  
C2 Clean Cut Heals  
C3 Heartwork  
C4 The Lighthouse  
D1 Obvious Blase  
D2 The Lottery  
D3 Darkness Bleeds, FOTF  
D4 To Feel Something  


Catalogue number - HOFF340LPB

The Used - Heartwork