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Tuning Into The Landscape


Do you live your life with a soundtrack in mind? Have you ever spent your time wandering around a place and thought, this album was made for this moment? We often have that feeling when we’re walking around Huddersfield. This town is blessed to have a some of the most wonderful landscapes in the county, right here at our fingertips. But what could make these moments even better? We say, a coffee in hand and our earphones plugged in.

If you’re new to Huddersfield, or just want to see your favourite sights in a new light, we’ve put together the perfect playlist to compliment your travels. We believe these albums enhance Huddersfield’s gems, so head out, plug in and enjoy!

Castle Hill:

Castle Hill is by far Huddersfield’s most definitive feature. Wherever you go, the castle on the hill will always be in sight. The beauty of Castle Hill is that it attracts a diverse range of members from the community. Everyone comes together to take in the breath-taking views of the district or melt into a sunset or two. The next time you make your way up there for a wander, we’ve got the music sorted.

Mr Jukes // The Locket (2021)

Funkadelic // Maggot Brain (1971)

Childish Gambino // Awaken, My Love! (2016)

The Beatles // Revolver (1966)

Greenhead Park:

Greenhead Park is one of Huddersfield’s most iconic attractions. There’s so much to love about this space. It really feels like a social hub of various cultures, sports and passions. Because of this, we’d plug in and listen to the following:

The Black Keys // El Camino (2011)

Led Zeppelin // Led Zeppelin IV (1971)

Jimi Hendrix // Electric Ladyland (1968)

Pixies // Doolittle (1989)

Beaumont Park:

Beaumont Park serves all the gothic vibes. This place has it all – beautiful botanicals, panoramic views, mossy old walls and a story to tell. A walk around Beaumont Park makes you feel transported to another world. Because of this, we get calm, soothing vibes, and our music suggestions are below:

Fleet Foxes // Shore (2021)

Joni Mitchell // Blue (1971)

The Cure // Disintegration (1989)

Nick Drake // Pink Moon (1972)

The Byram Arcade:

A true hidden gem in Huddersfield! Just off the busy precinct you’ll find Huddersfield’s oldest shopping arcade filled with an array of independent shops and cafes. The interiors of this building are second to none. As you walk through the threshold, you instantly feel like you’ve taken a step back in time. Take a moment to wonder around this great space, and lose yourself in these tracks:

Fleetwood Mac // Mirage (1982)

Kate Bush // Hounds of Love (1985)

The National // I Am Easy To Find (2019)

David Bowie // Hunky Dory (1971)

The Outdoor Market:

A market bursting with community pride and spirit. This place has all the bustle and energy you could ask for. We’ve tried to capture this vibe in our suggestions below:

Sufjan Stevens // Come On Feel The Illinois (2005)

Crosby, Stills & Nash // Crosby, Stills & Nash (1969)

Fruit Bats // The Pet Parade (2021)

Sam Fender // Seventeen Going Under (2021)

What’s your go-to album when you’re out and about in Huddersfield? Let us know in the comments below!

Written for The Turntable by Hannah Robinson-Wright. Hannah is a 24-year-old aspiring author and poet from Huddersfield, West Yorkshire. After achieving a first-class degree in English Literature, she is now completing a Masters at the Manchester Writing School and spends her free time exploring Huddersfield's idyllic countryside, maintaining a vegan food blog and performing around the UK with various musical projects.

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