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Ben Howard - Every Kingdom

Already mentioned in the same hushed, reverent tones as Bon Iver, Jose Gonzales and John Martyn. Building on a solid framework of nimbly plucked guitar strings and luscious backing vocals, Howard's soaring voice dishing out glorious choruses like they're going out of fashion. "radio-friendly it may be, but there's nothing fey about Howard's folk: his up-tempo numbers have the muscular momentum of a galloping stallion, while his more subdued songs are underpinned by sinewy rhythms and a certain weightiness of theme. for example, the lovely everything deals with the inevitability of renewal and change, while the slow-building and panoramic black flies is essentially a break-up song.




1 Old Pine 
2 Diamonds 
3 The Wolves 
4 Everything 
5 Only Love 
6 The Fear 
7 Keep Your Head Up 
8 Black Flies 
9 Gracious 
10 Promise


Cat no. 3851772

Ben Howard - Every Kingdom

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