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Dead Poet Society - -!-

Released 12/03/21


Los Angeles rock band Dead Poet Society has announced the release of their debut album, -!-. Featuring the talents of singer/guitarist Jack Underkofler, guitarist Jack Collins, drummer Will Goodroad, and bassist Dylan Brenner, Dead Poet Society formed while all four members were attending college in Boston.


Following the release of their first two EPs, AXIOM and Dempsey, the alternative rockers first gained traction in Mexico, after a write-up by the popular blog PepeProblemas and a subsequent tour of the country. Since then, the band has amassed a dedicated, international following, thanks to their unique, genre-defying sound that spans heavy, riff-driven songs to beautiful balladry. The four-piece is also known for their use of fretless instruments, which gives their songs a particularly original flavor.


Catalogue number - SPINE532309

Dead Poet Society - -!-


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