Embrace - This New Day

This New Day is the fifth studio album by British rock band Embrace. It was released on 27 March 2006, being preceded by the release of the single, "Nature's Law", and went straight to number one on the UK Albums Chart.


"Nature's Law" had become the band's most successful single, having debuted at number two on the UK Singles Chart. Their second single was "World at Your Feet". The third single from the album was "Target" released on 11 September 2006, and charted at No. 29 after being number 9 in the midweek charts. It left the charts after only one week in the top 75. The fourth single "I Can't Come Down" was released on 4 December 2006 and reached No. 54.

Notably, "Exploding Machines" was originally planned to be the title of the album.


Track listing


A1 No Use Crying 3:44
A2 Natures Law 4:09
A3 Target 4:30
A4 Sainted 4:20
A5 I Can't Come Down 4:15
B1 Celebrate 3:34
B2 Exploding Machines 5:21
B3 Even Smaller Stones 4:31
B4 The End Is Near 4:40
B5 This New Day 4:47


Catalogue number - 00888072092617

Embrace - This New Day