Fleetwood Mac - The Dance

“The Dance” is a live album released in 1997. Recorded with the classic fleetwood mac formation that had not worked together since the publication of “tango in the night” in 1987.




A1   The Chain 5:11
A2   Dreams 4:39
A3   Everywhere 3:28
A4   Rhiannon 6:48
B1   I'm So Afraid 7:45
B2   Temporary One 4:00
B3   Bleed To Love Her 3:27
B4   Big Love 3:06
C1   Landslide 4:28
C2   Say You Love Me 5:00
C3   My Little Demon 3:33
C4   Silver Springs 5:41
D1   You Make Loving Fun 3:50
D2   Sweet Girl 3:19
D3   Go Your Own Way 5:00
D4   Tusk 4:22
D5   Don't Stop 5:30


Reprise Records – R1 46702

Fleetwood Mac - The Dance