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Katie Melua - Love And Money

Out 24/03/23 on Black LP


Katie Melua is one of Britain's most successful musical artists, having sold in excess of 11 million albums and received over 56 platinum awards. An accomplished songwriter, composer, and arranger some of Melua's most well-known hits include Nine Million Bicycles, The Closest Thing to Crazy, and her now infamous cover of Wonderful Life. A constantly in-demand touring artist, Melua enchants her audiences worldwide with her uniquely powerful and captivating voice, flawless performances, and charming personality. 2023 will see the
release of her 9 th studio album ‘Love & Money’.




1. Golden Record
2. Quiet Moves
3. 14 Windows
4. Lie In The Heat
5. Darling Star
6. Reefs
7. First Date
8. Pick Me Up
9. Those Sweet Days
10. Love and Money


Warner - 4050538863215

Katie Melua - Love And Money

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