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Koffee - Gifted

21-year-old Mikayla Simpson, the artist widely known as Koffee releases her debut album Gifted, a milestone in a brief yet already illustrious career, and with it comes a determination to speak to the times. Koffee is on a mission to bring light and brevity to the stories of now; songs like “Lockdown” expertly articulate the hope many of us have felt during months of isolation (“Where will we go / When di quarantine ting done and everybody touch road,” she sings). The upbeat, punchy rhythms of “Where I’m From” and classic reggae tones of “X10” are her way of scoring the scenes of life. As producer of half of the album’s ten tracks, Koffee crafted the album from bursts of inspiration in hotel rooms whilst on tour and freestyle sessions with her band. It includes collaborations with global renowned producers like JAE5 and Frank Dukesalongside homegrown Jamaican talent such as iotosh, crafting the huge crossover anthems “Pull Up”and “West Indies” along the way.

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Koffee - Gifted


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