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The Offspring - Greatest Hits

Out 22/07/22


The greatest hits on Black vinyl is finally available again from 22nd July.


Greatest Hits is a 2005 compilation album by the American punk rock band The Offspring, compiling hit singles from five of their seven studio albums along with the previously unreleased songs "Can't Repeat'. 




Side A:  

1. Can't Repeat

2. Come Out And Play

3. Self-Esteem

4. Gotta Get Away

5. All I Want

6. Gone Away

7. Pretty Fly (For A White Guy)


Side B

1. Why Don't You Get A Job

2. The Kids Aren't Alright

3. Original Prankster

4. Want You Bad

5. Defy You

6. Hit That

7. Can't Get My Head Around You          


Universal - B3477201                         

The Offspring - Greatest Hits

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