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The Surfing Magazines - Badgers of Wymeswold

NOW DUE 04/03/22 on 2LP (1 red/1 cream)


Consisting of one half of Slow Club and two thirds of The Wave Pictures, The Surfing Magazines’ primary influences are Bob Dylan, The Velvet Underground and all the great surf guitar music of the 1960s. They burst onto the scene with their eponymous debut album in 2017, a lauded LP described by Record Collector Mag as “a vintage-yet-modern rock’n’roll classic”. Mixing the noir surf textures of 1960s garage rock along with westcoast sun beaten harmony pop, the 17-track Badgers of Wymeswold follows the acclaimed debut and is to be released July this year. The London based foursome recorded the album at Ranscomb Studio in Rochester in February last year before the start of the first UK lockdown. Pushing their sound forward, the band utilise their garage rock ethic and have both Drummer Dominic Brider and Rhythm guitar player Charles Watso lead on vocals across multiple tracks. The album sees a return of free form saxophone parts, eerie violins and piano all appear, notably on tracks ‘Nostaw Boogie’ and ‘I’m Going Out Tonight To Play Some Pool’. The title track is drawn from David Tattersall’s nightmare vision about his home town's population of self governing people, the album artwork was also made by Tattersall and depicts a collage of his referenced dreams. The extensive LP showcases their characteristic sound at their brightest, from softer ballads such as ‘Poppies’ and ‘Silver Breasts’, surf guitar rock anthem ‘Locomotive Cheer’, and to the six bar blues ‘Pink Ice Cream’. Tracklisting: SIDE A  1. Joke  2. Locomotive Cheer  3. Pink Ice Cream  4. I Dreamed When I Was Young  SIDE B  5. Ten Days of Shiver  6. Running Scared  7. Bonsai Tree  8. Century Breaks  SIDE C  9. Badgers of Wymeswold  10. Nostaw Boogie  11. Sports Bar  12. Hard Times  SIDE D  13. Silver Breasts  14. Caribbean Ginger Cake  15. I'm Going Out Tonight To Play Some Pool  16. Poppies Moshi Moshi Records - MOSHILP112X

The Surfing Magazines - Badgers of Wymeswold

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