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Lockdown Continues.

Updated: May 27, 2020

We’ve been busy since our last blog post. We took delivery of loads more new stock, which is now all listed on the website. We have been tweaking the website to make it as easy to navigate as possible, we sent out our first orders to very happy customers, passed 1000 hits on the website, 700 likes on our Facebook page and we now have over 1600 vinyl lovers following us on Instagram. We have so much planned for the future and we know the hard work is just beginning, we have a long way to go before we can begin consider the business successful, but we’re proud of the progress we have made so far.

We are still in lockdown in the UK and physical new releases are hard to come by, they’re either intentionally delayed so as to increase sales or they’re delayed due to production and logistical problems. A few exceptions have managed to get to us all though. Ed O’Brien under the moniker EOB releasing his first solo album ‘Earth’, it’s a really good, highly atmospheric record. Kanye West finally released ‘Jesus Is King' and The Strokes riffed back into our lives with ‘The New Abnormal’ (albeit with a few shipping issues.)

There are some exciting releases on the horizon, we’re really looking forward to the debut E.P from Parisian soul singer/songwriter Crystal Murray, ‘I Was Wrong’ is out on the 5th of June. Mike Skinners The Streets are back with 'None Of Us Are Getting Out Of This Alive’ on the 10th of July, the same date as Weezer pay homage to the metal music they love with ‘Van Weezer’ and New Zealanders The Beths return with ‘Jump Rope Gazers’.

A special shout out has to go to Laura Marling, she bucked the trend of release dates being put back and brought forward the digital release of her 7th studio album ‘Song For Our Daughter’ to give her fans something to hear during lockdown. Chrysalis Records have even managed to bring forward the physical release date to July 10th after it was initially slated for September. As if that wasn’t a nice enough gift to her fans she has also been teaching them how to play her songs through weekly guitar lessons on Instagram. Well done Laura.

Another mention goes to Little Simz who has released a new E.P during lockdown called ‘Drop 6’ as she put it, “because, why not”. She strikes us as the sort of artist that has five albums worth of songs ready to go whenever she wants, completely in control. Fingers crossed for a physical release.

She isn’t the only one of course, with artists as varied as Paul Weller, Lady Gaga and Frank Turner playing webcam gigs and fundraising for numerous good causes. Music heals us, inspires us, comforts and beguiles us. Now more than ever the vast majority of us need to hold on to the music we love, and maybe even fill some of the extra free time some of us have by looking for our latest favourite record.

Music is wonderful, and we are very proud to be able to play a tiny part in getting it to you. If there is anything you'd like to see us try, then please let us know, either here in the comments or through social media.

Love to you all, keep safe.

Matt and Bex

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