David Bowie - David Bowie

The original mono and stereo versions of the album in one package.


David Bowie is the self-titled debut studio album by English musician David Bowie. It was released in the UK on 1 June 1967 with Deram Records. Its style and content is often said to bear little overt resemblance to the type of music that he was later known for, such as the folk rock influenced "Space Oddity" or the glam rock of The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars. NME critics Roy Carr and Charles Shaar Murray have said, "a listener strictly accustomed to David Bowie in his assorted '70s guises would probably find this debut album either shocking or else simply quaint", while biographer David Buckley describes its status in the Bowie discography as "the vinyl equivalent of the madwoman in the attic". Nicholas Pegg contends that "it seems a pity that David Bowie is only ever considered in terms of what we can extrapolate from it [...] Thankfully, it does seem that pop musicologists are at last beginning to regard David Bowie not just as a quirky set of embryonic twitterings, but as an album that's actually worth considering in its own right. 




  The Original Mono Album
A1 Uncle Arthur  
A2 Sell Me A Coat  
A3 Rubber Band  
A4 Love You Till Tuesday  
A5 There Is A Happy Land  
A6 We Are Hungry Men  
A7 When I Live My Dream  
B1 Little Bombardier  
B2 Silly Boy Blue  
B3 Come And Buy My Toys  
B4 Join The Gang  
B5 She's Got Medals  
B6 Maids Of Bond Street  
B7 Please Mr. Gravedigger  
  The Original Stereo Album
C1 Uncle Arthur  
C2 Sell Me A Coat  
C3 Rubber Band  
C4 Love You Till Tuesday  
C5 There Is A Happy Land  
C6 We Are Hungry Men  
C7 When I Live My Dream  
D1 Little Bombardier  
D2 Silly Boy Blue  
D3 Come And Buy My Toys  
D4 Join The Gang  
D5 She's Got Medals  
D6 Maids Of Bond Street  
D7 Please Mr. Gravedigger


Deram ‎– 532 760-1

David Bowie - David Bowie