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Dropkick Murphys - This Machine Still Kills Fascists

Out 11/11/22 on crystal colour OR standard black.


Some songs are timeless. We can all think of songs that fit every era, every life event. Tear jerkers and kids’ songs, thought provokers and rally cries. But what about lyrics that were written about the people and issues of the author’s time – then put away, never to be seen until almost a century later, when a band pulled them out of the archive and were floored by how vividly those lyrics describe the news of their day?

There’s an answer to that question – and it’s contained on This Machine Still Kills Fascists. In the 10 songs that make up this album, Dropkick Murphys bring Woody Guthrie’s perennial jabs at life – many of which are from the 1940s and ‘50s – into the time of their lives. The resulting music is eerily relevant to today’s world. And they’ve done it all without their usual arsenal of electric guitars. In fact, not a single amplifier was used to animate Woody’s words in these songs.


But make no mistake: this is Not your grandfather's folk album. DKM harnessed all of their trademark power to craft these songs and bring Woody’s lyrics to life.


Woody Guthrie wrote songs from the heart and for the common person. He made a point of showing up when it counted most, often performing at fundraisers, benefits, and rallies to champion working class causes and condemn greed, war, and unchecked capitalism – all with his guitar in hand.

This is exactly where Woody Guthrie and Dropkick Murphys intersect. Dropkick Murphys’ entire ethos of family, community, service, and action depends upon honest reporting in their music. Like Woody, showing up in real life is what makes their songs so impactful. They just are who they say they are. Whether it’s standing up to Nazi thugs or standing with working men and women on a picket line, showing up is what holds the center in DKM’s world.




Two 6’s Upside Down

Talking Jukebox

All You Fonies

Never Git Drunk No More (featuring Nikki Lane)

Ten Times More

The Last One (featuring Evan Felker of Turnpike Troubadours)

Cadillac, Cadillac

Waters Are A'risin

Where Trouble Is At

Dig A Hole (featuring Woody Guthrie)


Integral - Standard Black LP - DLM002LP

Integral - Crystal Colour LP - DLM002LPXC

Dropkick Murphys - This Machine Still Kills Fascists


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