PJ Harvey - Is This Desire

Re issue of the original 1998 album Is This Desire?


Is This Desire? finds Harvey delivering on the promise of her earlier albums: without losing any of the rage of her earlier, more guitar-driven work, she further refines her psychotic tales of obsession and despair, all the while laying down a sonic groundwork which is always experimental and unexpected, including a heavy dose of electronica. Harvey's trademark whisper-to-a-scream vocal style is present throughout is this desire. The Sky Lit Up sees a casual, almost spoken vocal erupt slowly into an otherworldy wail, accented perfectly by wild guitar textures. 


Catherine is a sublime, evocative ballad, whose vitriolic lyrics are juxtaposed against a soft, rolling backing track. The Garden skips along at a determined pace, with keyboard textures and swelling strings making it a quintessential PJ Harvey composition: haunting, angry and thoroughly unusual.




A1 Angelene  
A2 The Sky Lit Up  
A3 The Wind  
A4 My Beautiful Leah  
A5 A Perfect Day Elise  
A6 Catherine  
B1 Electric Light  
B2 The Garden  
B3 Joy  
B4 The River  
B5 No Girl So Sweet  
B6 Is This Desire?

Island Records - 0898528

PJ Harvey - Is This Desire