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Sigrid - How To Let Go 'Special Edition'

Out 10/04/23. 


Just two top-tier albums into her career, 25-year-old Norwegian singer-songwriter Sigrid has already established herself as an impeachable pop powerhouse. Sold-out tours worldwide, top 10 singles, number 1 albums, it's all there. Peel back the pop production on Sigrid’s anthemic songs, and you’ll find one of the greatest modern songwriters of our times, who started writing at the upright piano in her hometown studio Ocean Sound Recordings when she was just 16-years-old. Today, Sigrid lays bare the immaculate songwriting at the heart of critically acclaimed, #2 album “How To Let Go”, announcing the release of “How To Let Go (Special Edition)”, an acoustic and visual album with two brand new songs “Blue” and “Everybody Says They’re Fine”, which get to the heart and nerve of every song, created alongside longtime friend and collaborator Askjell. Just after high school, Sigrid was introduced to local Bergen producer and songwriter Askjell in her first ever writing session, and together they created one of her most influential power-ballads to-this-day, “Dynamite”. Over the past five years, Sigrid and Askjell have found special pockets of time in the studio where they have shared stories about how much life has changed since high school, and been able to dig into every sentence and interrogate every song, bringing “How To Let Go” back home and making an entire alternative and acoustic version of the songs which have become festival favorites across the globe. “How To Let Go (Special Edition)” is out on 4th November on Island Records, and the stunning “Blue” is out now, giving us a taster of what’s to come.


UMC - 4810622

Sigrid - How To Let Go 'Special Edition'

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