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SUNS OF ARQA - Revenge Of The Mozabites

Out 10/02/23


Welcome to the realm of creator and mentor Michael Wadada, the man behind the exotic manoeuvres of Suns of Arqa, one of the most sought after world beat fusion project of the early eighties. His main goal was to increase the vibrations of classical Indian raga with the rhythms of Niyabinghi drumming, epitomized in England by contemporary dub producers. Released in 1980 on Manchester’s own Rock Steady Records, Revenge Of The Mozabites is an essential masterpiece paving the way for future over the border contamination. Deeply informed by cosmic mysticism the album still reverberates with the hidden sounds of earth & soul.




1. Acid Tablas
2. World Peace, A Dream?
3. Scully's Reel
4. Bali Citra
5. Scullys Jig
6. Piece Of The World
7. Acid Tabla Dub


1. Ananta Snake Dance
2. Return Of The Mozabites
3. Sanaiscara Saturn
4. Paintings Of A Cave


Sony - LANR019

SUNS OF ARQA - Revenge Of The Mozabites

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