The 70s Glam-Pop Album

Released 19/03/21


THE perfect celebration of the Glam Rock and Pop period of the early 1970s.


On 2LP vinyl - featuring a value-packed 34 tracks, it’s time to dust off those platform heels, find those patched jeans, and paint the stars on your face.

Side One kicks off in suitably royal style with Queen’s era-defining ‘Killer Queen’ into Sweet’s #1 ‘Blockbuster’, T. Rex with ‘20th Century Boy’ and the loudest of all anthems ‘Cum On Feel The Noise’ from Slade. The Rockier side of Glam is represented by Cozy Powell, Golden Earring’s epic ‘Radar Love’ and Alice Cooper’s ‘Schools Out’ and Side One closes with Mott The Hoople’s timeless David Bowie-written ‘All The Young Dudes’.

Retro Rock ‘n’ Roll fused with Glam-Pop kicks off Side Two with Elton John’s mega hit ‘Cro