The Libertines - Up The Bracket

Can the debut album from London dandies The Libertines live up to the hype? with the Clash's Mick Jones at the production helm, gravelly tracks such as horror show and the boy looked at johnny rattle along like first-gen punk classics. But like the Strokes, The Libertines manage to imbue snotty garage rock with a sort of wistful romanticism that adds genuine soul to their raucous clatter. Although there's no sign of what a waster, the single that made their name, there's no shortage of excellent tunes here.


Track listing


A1 Vertigo  
A2 Death On The Stairs  
A3 Horrorshow  
A4 Time For Heroes  
A5 Boys In The Band  
A6 Radio America  
B1 Up The Bracket  
B2 Tell The King  
B3 The Boy Looked At Johnny  
B4 Begging  
B5 The Good Old Days  
B6 I Get Along  


Catalogue number - rtradelp065

The Libertines - Up The Bracket