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The White Buffalo - Year of the Dark Horse

Out 11/11/22 on

-Black LP

-Opaque Grey LP

-Transparent Blue LP


Loosely based around the shifting of the seasons and the shifting of a relationship, YEAR OF THE DARK HORSE is The White Buffalo’s most ambitious and challenging work to date. A collection of 12 musical vignettes – individual yet constant in flow – that show off the full
scope of his song-writing craft. Joining forces with legendary producer Jay Joyce, the results are both spectacular and surprising, showing what can be achieved when creativity is hailed as king and genre restrictions are cast into the fire.




1. Not Today
2. Winter Act 2
3. Kingdom For A Fool
4. Love Will Never Come / Spring's Song
5. She Don't Know That I Lie
6. C'mon Come Up Come Out


1. Love Song #3
2. Heart Attack
3. Am I Still A Child
4. 52 Card Pickup
5. Donna
6. Life Goes On


Universal - Black - SNAKE670796

Universal - Grey - SPINE670802

Universal - Blue - SPINE670819

The White Buffalo - Year of the Dark Horse

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