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Wet Leg - Wet Leg

Released 08/04/22 on black or indie exclusive yellow vinyl. 


Right from the start of Wet Leg, Rhian Teasdale and Hester Chambers focus was fun, and a dry sense of humour ripples through the album. 'I wanted to write fun songs, I didn't want to indulge sad feelings too much, I wanted to write stuff that's fun to listen to and fun to play', reveals Rhian. 'But then, the sad seeps through, as well'. 'Wet Leg' is sad music for party people, and party music for sad people. It is cathartic and joyful and punk and scuzzy and above all, it's fun. 'Wet Leg was originally just supposed to be funny', says Rhian. 'As a woman, there's so much put on you, in that your only value is how pretty or cool you look. But we want to be goofy and a little bit rude. We want to write songs that people can dance to. And we want people to have a good time, even if that might not possible all of the time'. 


Integral - 

Black - WIGLP496

Yellow - WIGLP496X


Wet Leg - Wet Leg


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