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Pale Waves - Unwanted

Out 12/08/22 on Indie Exclusive


Pale Waves’ third studio album is a bold statement of reclamation – from the lyrics to the title itself. 'Unwanted' reaches out into the community of misfits and LGBTQI fans around the band, tapping into darker emotions than ever before while striking a fresh tone of defiance.


Since their 2018 debut 'My Mind Makes Noises', the band has accumulated over 1.5 Million+ Social Followers, 250 Million+ Steams, and have grown to embrace their queerness... these experiences have shaped Pale Waves’ music over the last few years, but they jump to the fore on Unwanted. Recorded in Los Angeles with producer Zakk Cervini, 'Unwanted' is 13 tracks of classic pop punk with an edge; It feels like the purgative scream at the end of a years-long inhalation.  Pale Waves' latest album follows 2021's 'Who Am I' and 2018's 'My Mind Makes Noises' which reached #3 and #8 on the UK Album Charts respectively.


Universal - DH1399                                    

Pale Waves - Unwanted

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