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Kurt Vile – (watch my moves)

Released 15/04/22 on black or limited emerald vinyl. 




1. Goin on a Plane Today

2. Flyin (like a fast train)

3. Palace of OKV in Reverse

4. Like Exploding Stones

5. Mount Airy Hill (Way Gone)

6. Hey Like a Child

7. Jesus on a Wire

8. Fo Sho

9. Cool Water

10. Chazzy Don’t Mind

11. (shiny things)

12. Say the Word

13. Wages of Sin

14. kurt runner

15. Stuffed Leopard


UMC - 

Black - B3485101

Emerald - B3506001

Kurt Vile – (watch my moves)

Out of stock. Ask us to order it in!

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