Beyonce - Lemonade

Lemonade is the sixth studio album by American singer Beyoncé, released on April 23, 2016, by Parkwood Entertainment and Columbia Records. It was her second "visual album" following her 2013 eponymous fifth album, is a concept albumand a song cycle. Primarily an R&B album, Lemonade encompasses a variety of genres, including pop, reggae, blues, rock, hip hop, soul, funk, Americana, country, gospel, electronic, and trap.


It features guest vocals from James Blake, Kendrick Lamar, The Weeknd, and Jack White, and contains samples and interpolations of a number of hip hop and rock songs.


What we said on Instagram.

‘Lemonade’ was released in 2016 by Beyoncé. It’s the American singers 6th album. It is a ‘visual’ album in that it is accompanied by a 65 minute film. We haven’t watched the film yet but the album is sensational. It’s aggressive, warm and witty. We’re assuming it’s an album inspired by her husband Jay-Z being unfaithful in 2014, if it isn’t it wants us to think that. The beginning of the album is the equivalent of smashing up the room in a fit of rage. The rage then dissipates into sadness, reflection and bewilderment then ends with her later reconciliation with her husband. It features some superb cameos from Jack White, James Blake and Kendrick Lemar. It’s our only Beyonce record at the moment but I don’t think it will be for long. This record shouldn’t be sneered at as ‘mainstream’ or brandished with the ‘music these days isn’t as good as it used to be’ claptrap. Put aside your allegiances to indie, rock, metal, blues, acoustic, reggae, pop, whatever made you love music first and try this. It’s very, very good. 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟


Track listing


A1 Pray You Catch Me 3:16
A2 Hold Up 3:41
A3 Don't Hurt Yourself 3:54
B1 Sorry 3:53
B2 6 Inch 4:20
B3 Daddy Lessons 4:48
C1 Love Drought 3:57
C2 Sandcastles 3:03
C3 Forward 1:19
C4 Freedom 4:50
D1 All Night 5:22
D2 Formation 3:26


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Beyonce - Lemonade