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Brooke Combe - Black Is The New Gold

Out 21/04/23 on Black OR White Vinyl


“You’ve had your story/ time to tell you mine.” So sings Scottish newcomer Brooke Combe on ‘Over You’, one of the many soulful, defiant tracks that make up her debut mixtape. A collection she has honed through years of relentless gigging, each song has its heart in a long lineage of funk and soul, a retro sound that has earnt her endorsement from the likes of the BBC, Rolling Stone UK, The Skinny and NME. It's a style that could easily feel like pastiche, but from the very first note, there can be no doubt that Brooke’s side of the story is entirely her own; a powerful Gen-Z vocalist cutting her own path through the male-dominated indie arena.
“For me, it’s about getting every tune I have done so far out of my head,” explains Combe. “This mixtape is a little bit about the naivety of my adolescent years, but it’s also a bit of a 'who is Brooke Combe', showing people all the different sides to my music. So many people have been coming to the shows now, they've been consistent and loyal. I want them to have what they've been hearing live and to see the developmentso far.”



Side A
1. Are You With Me?
2. A-Game
3. Talkin’ Bout Heartaches
4. Black Is The New Gold
Side B
5. Why'd You Say You Love Me?
6. Miss Me Now
7. Impress You
8. Over You


Universal Black - M9464UKLP

Universal White - M9464UKLPC

Brooke Combe - Black Is The New Gold

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