Felix White - The Edge

Written and scored by Maccabees’s guitarist Felix White, The Edge reveals the ruthless intensity of Test cricket, charting the rise and fall of England’s greatest team and the extreme impact it would have on the players’ mental health. Between 2009 and 2013, England’s Test cricket team rose from the depths of the rankings to become the first and only English side to reach world number one. The Edge tells the story of this special band of brothers’ rise to the top and the huge toll it would take. Compelling, funny and emotional, The Edgeis Test cricket like you’ve never seen it before. The album features narratives from world class cricket players such as Jimmy Anderson, Matt Prior, Toby Jones and others.


Track listing


A1 Band Apart  
A2 Rudderless  
A3 Interlude - Looking Into Your Soul  
A4 Sink The Think Tank  
A5 The Materplan  
A6 Forget What You Think You Know  
A7 Monty: The Last Hope  
A8 Punters Jaw  
A9 Interlude - Concentration  
A10 The Absence Of Irrelevant Thought  
A11 We Need To Talk About Kevin  
B1 On The Road  
B2 Bavaria  
B3 Because You're My Team-Mate  
B4 When It Matters Most  
B5 Interlude - Visualise The Moment  
B6 Hold Your Breath  
B7 Interlude - He Did Show That  
B8 Lapalco  
B9 Outsider  
B10 Band Apart (Reprise)  
B11 Interlude - Colly's Dream  
B12 Why Does It Matter At All  


Cat number - NMG1LP

Felix White - The Edge