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Gary Kemp - INSOLO

Released 16/07/21


‘INSOLO’ is the second solo album by Spandau Ballet songwriter and Saucerful Of Secrets guitarist and co-lead vocalist, Gary Kemp. As the songwriter & guitarist in one of the most iconic bands of the 80’s, Spandau Ballet, Gary became one of the most commercially successful writers of the decade. During their career Spandau notched up 23 hit singles and spent a combined total of more than 500 weeks in the UK charts, achieving over 25 million album sales worldwide. Some of their songs, like “True”, “Gold” and “Through the Barricades” have become standards.


Twenty-five years on from his solo debut ‘Little Bruises’ Gary has written and produced an album that focuses on two dominant themes: the paradox of solitude in an urban landscape, and his growing obsession with life seen through a rear-view mirror and how the past infects our present. INSOLO was written primarily on piano and guitar and programmed in Gary’s studio in W1; he then brought in his trusted friend and long-time collaborator Toby Chapman for further programming, more refined keyboard parts and help with the overall production.




1. In Solo

2. A Rumour of You

3. Waiting for the Band

4. Ahead of the Game

5. I Remember You

6. Too Much

7. The Fastest Man In the World

8. I am the Past

9. The Feet of Mercury

10. The Haunted

11. Our Light


Columbia - 19439863461

Gary Kemp - INSOLO

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