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Greentea Peng - Man Made

Released 04/06/21 on black 2xLP.


The 18 track album is executive produced by EarBuds and features live instrumentation throughout from Aria’s band the Seng Seng Family.

The album is an incredible exploration of sounds and topics that cover the current times and beyond.




  • Make Noise
  • This Sound 
  • Free My People (feat Simmy and Kid Cruise)
  • Be Careful
  • Nah It Ain't The Same 
  • Earnest 
  • Suffer
  • Mataji Freestyle
  • Kali V2
  • Satta
  • Party Hard Interlude
  • Dingaling
  • Maya
  • Man Made
  • Meditation 
  • Poor Man Skit 
  • Sinner 
  • Jimtastic Blues


EMI - EMIVX 2044

Greentea Peng - Man Made

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