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Jeff Russo - Star Trek Discovery Season 3

Package includes double sided blue and white marbled LP, cover + printed inner sleeve feat images from the show. Scored by Emmy Award winner, and 3 time nominee, Jeff Russo (Legion, Fargo, The Night Of, Umbrella Academy, Altered Carbon). "Music from composer Jeff Russo's stellar work on Star Trek: Discovery is more of the same in all the best ways possible"


 2LP Track Listing: 1. Burnham Crash Lands 2. Book's Ship / Hello Grudge 3. Federation Is Gone 4. Meeting Zareh 5. Georgiou and Zareh 6. It's You, Saru 7. Starfleet Academy 8. Adira Accepted 9. Federation HQ 10. Cryo Tombs / Attis Attacks 11. Leaving Nhan 12. Reunited With Book 13. The Escape 14. Work Together 15. Terran Stories 16. The Charon 17. Fireflies 18. Killing Traitors 19. Georgiou Goodbye 20. Meeting Survivor 21. Michael's Win 22. Andorian Opera 23. Michael To The Rescue 24. Sending Stamets to HQ 25. Deliver The Bomb 26. Resetting The Datacore 27. Reuniting The Federation 28. Captain Burnham


Jeff Russo - Star Trek Discovery Season 3

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