Johanna Samuels - Excelsior!

Released 14/05/21


Excelsior! was recorded in a small cabin in West Shokan in NY State, in the middle of the winter with her band and producer Sam Evian but it's songs are full of West Coast sunshine. It's Evian's first full album production at his own Flying Cloud Studios. Recorded mostly to tape, the album is as a gorgeous combination of vintage instrumentation, strong melodic hooks, killer harmonies and Samuels’ elegant voice. Samuels seeks those answers through companionship, exploring the depths of her relationships and then
calling upon a handful of women to provide the album’s backing vocals - a task she’d always performed herself until now. As such, Excelsior! makes a space for the voices of Courtney Marie Andrews, Hannah Cohen, Lomelda’s Hannah Read, A.O. Gerber, Louise Florence and Olivia Kaplan. The album takes its name from the signature that Samuels’ grandpa would use before he sadly passed away last December. “He was a very important person to me and he helped raise me,” Johanna explains. “He signed all of his letters and emails ‘Excelsior!’, including the exclamation point. It means ‘ever upward’ and that’s what I wish for everyone: to grow from listening with more empathy and from hearing each other out. I hope this record makes people want to be gentler with each other and themselves.”


Track Listing

1. Sonny

2. Nature’s Way

3. High Tide for One

4. All Is Fine

5. The Middle

6. Close To The Vest

7. Song for Sid

8. Julie

9. Less of You

10. Cathy


Basin Rock label - BR011LP

Johanna Samuels - Excelsior!