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Kesha - Warrior (Expanded Edition)

Out 24/02/23


The sophomore studio album from Kesha in its expanded edition, Warrior is now available on black double LP vinyl. Exploring magic with an expansive range of genres including pop, EDM, rock, punk and country, it delves into themes of spirituality and growth. Featuring the single, “Die Young.”




Side A
1. Warrior
2. Die Young
3. C'Mon
4. Thinking of You
5. Crazy Kids
6. Wherever You Are
7. Dirty Love feat. Iggy Pop

Side B
1. Wonderland
2. Only Wanna Dance With You
3. Supernatural
4. All That Matters (The Beautiful Life)
5. Love Into the Light
6. Last Goodbye

Side C
1. Gold Trans Am
2. Out Alive
3. Past Lives
4. Die Young (Dallas K Extended Mix)
5. Die Young (My Digital Enemy Remix)

Side D
1. Die Young REMIX feat. Juicy J, Wiz Khalifa and Becky G
2. Old Flames Can't Hold a Candle to You (Deconstructed Mix)
3. Blow (Deconstructed Mix)
4. The Harold Song (Deconstructed Mix)
5. Die Young (Deconstructed Mix)
6. Supernatural (Deconstructed Mix)


Sony - 19658774341

Kesha - Warrior (Expanded Edition)

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