Lana Del Rey - Born to Die - The Paradise Edition

Originally recorded for a stand-alone EP 11 months after the 2012 release of Lana Del Rey’s second album, Polydor releases the eight tracks that made up The Paradise Edition of Born To Die on vinyl. Includes the singles ‘Blue Velvet’ and ‘Ride’, and comes with a limited slipcase to hold the Born To Die album itself. 


Track listing


  Born To Die
A1 Born To Die  
A2 Off To The Races  
A3 Blue Jeans  
A4 Video Games  
B1 Diet Mountain Dew  
B2 National Anthem  
B3 Dark Paradise  
B4 Radio  
C1 Carmen  
C2 Million Dollar Man  
C3 Summertime Sadness  
C4 This Is What Makes Us Girls  
D1 Without You  
D2 Lolita  
D3 Lucky Ones  
A1 Ride  
A2 American  
A3 Cola  
A4 Body Electric  
B1 Blue Velvet  
B2 Gods And Monsters  
B3 Yayo  
B4 Bel Air



Catalogue number - 3718122

Lana Del Rey - Born to Die - The Paradise Edition