Oasis - Don't Believe The Truth

Don't Believe the Truth is the sixth Oasis album and their best work in ten years. They have re-discovered what they kind of do best - a kind of scratchy mix of Kinks and Small Faces pop, with a dash of T-Rex and Rubber Soul. The highlights are Love like a Bomb which is like the best song the La's never wrote, Mucky Fingers which steals 100% from the Velvet's Waiting for the Man and the blissed out paean to big city anonymity Part of the Queue, which recalls Golden Brown and Shack. This is Oasis' most focused, most reflective and most relaxed album to date.


Track listing


A1 Turn Up The Sun 3:59
A2 Mucky Fingers 3:55
A3 Lyla 5:10
A4 Love Like A Bomb 2:52
A5 The Importance Of Being Idle 3:39
B1 The Meaning Of Soul 1:42
B2 Guess God Thinks I'm Abel 3:24
B3 Part Of The Queue 3:48
B4 Keep The Dream Alive 5:45
B5 A Bell Will Ring 3:07
B6 Let There Be Love 5:31


Catalogue number - RKIDLP30XX

Oasis - Don't Believe The Truth