Paloma Faith - Infinite Things

Paloma wrote most of the songs for 'Infinite Things' before the Covid-19 pandemic swept the world. Then we went into lockdown, and she ripped them all up and started afresh. She spent her downtime creating, learning to engineer her own music and just thinking about the world. The enforced downtime was creatively fruitful and taught her that she had been on a sort of conveyor belt of music and promo. The lockdown gave her the space to take stock of her frenetic career, and decide what is meaningful to her. She is emerging from lockdown with a new sense of her priorities which has seen her reconnect with her roots steeped in creativity.


She announced the album under the title Infinite Things on 25 September 2020 and revealed that because of the COVID-19 pandemic, she learned how to engineer the entirety of the record before she penned it to be released and nearly went as far as scrapping it and starting all over again from scratch. She also revealed that, as well as exploring relationships and love, the record is also reflective in topics of sickness and loss.


Faith has also worked with a host of songwriters on the album, including Faouzia, MNEK and Josef Salvat. Sigrid also wrote a song on the album and is the only one that wasn't written by Faith herself.


Track Listing


A1 Supernatural 3:33
A2 Monster 3:11
A3 Gold 3:27
A4 Falling Down 3:35
A5 Infinite Things 4:47
A6 If This Is Goodbye 4:44
B1 Better Than This 3:58
B2 Me Time 3:17
B3 If Loving You Was Easy 3:44
B4 Beautiful & Damned 2:37
B5 I'd Die For You 4:01
B6 Living With A Stranger 3:26
B7 Last Night On Earth 2:48


Catalogue number - 19439763821

Paloma Faith - Infinite Things