Polo & Pan - Cyclorama

Released on 25/06/21 on 2xLP black vinyl.


Polo & Pan's debut album Caravelle reached the heights of professional recognition by being certified platinum in the international market, gold in France, with three singles exceeding the threshold of gold certification outside of France, consecrating Polo & Pan as the new French

Touch ambassadors.


Now, our two explorers invite us with Cyclorama to a journey through time, along the steps of human existence. After a year of lockdown introspection, the duo decided to create music that weaves themselves into the backgrounds of our lives. From birth to death and transcendence, Cyclorama offers a colorful score to the "comedy of life" as Celentano sang, this existential theatre that is played-out by every human being.’’ Out everywhere  on 6/25.




1. Côme

2. Ani Kuni

3. Magic

4. Attrape-rêve

5. Tunnel feat. Channel Tres

6. Requiem

7. Feel Good

8. Melody

9. Oasis

10. Artemis

11. Jiminy

12. Bilboquet (Sirba)

13. Les Jolies Choses

14. Peter Pan feat. Antonin


Virgin France - 3807572

Polo & Pan - Cyclorama