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Prince - Planet Earth

Planet Earth is the thirty-second studio album by Prince. It was originally released on July 15, 2007 by NPG Records. Several cuts on this album revisit some of the classic Prince sound the captured fans all over the world and helped deem him an incomparable music icon. The title track, a politically right-on-time environmental rant, steers him back toward Purple Rain territory, as does Lion of Judah. And the flirty numbers are seriously flammable: Somewhere Here on Earth seduces with a crackly jazz vibe, while Mr. Goodnight gets friendly with a refined slip of rap. Coolest of all are two tracks at cross purposes - Chelsea Rodgers fuses funk with disco until it's so far off the hook it's in a heap on the floor, and All the Midnights in the World paints a picture of artistic maturity through piano and lyrics that lean hard on positivity. There's an elegance to it that Prince fans, no strangers to pop music that's truly sublime, won't fail to appreciate.


LP - First Time on Vinyl. Limited Edition Purple Vinyl.

Catalogue Number 19075910541

Prince - Planet Earth

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