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Red Hot Chili Peppers - Californication

Following a string of unsatisfactory replacements (including former Jane's Addiction alum Dave Navarro), Californication -the band's seventh album - saw them reunited with both errant guitarist John Frusciante (hauled out of a long and debilitating heroin addiction) and producer Rick Rubin, whose mixture of commerical nous and sonic smarts helped make 1991's Blood Sugar Sex Magik their breakthrough set. It's a welcome reunion: Frusciante's playing, in particular - tight, yet lyrical - fits these songs like a second skin, lending them a sensual sort of ease that is perfectly in keeping with the reckless hedonism of their lyrics. The songs themselves are much the same mixture of adrenalised swagger and high-tensile funk as ever.




A1. Around The World (3:58)
A2. Parallel Universe (4:30)
A3. Scar Tissue (3:37)
A4. Otherside (4:15)
B1. Get On Top (3:18)
B2. Californication (5:21)
B3. Easily (3:51)
C1. Porcelain (2:43)
C2. Emit Remmus (4:00)
C3. I Like Dirt (2:37)
C4. This Velvet Glove (3:45)
D1. Savior (4:52)
D2. Purple Stain (4:13)
D3. Right On Time (1:52)
D4. Road Trippin' (3:25)


Warner - 0093624738619

Red Hot Chili Peppers - Californication

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