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Roadrunner United - The Concert

Out 10/03/22. 3LP set on red, white and black coloured vinyl. 


This 3LP set represents the gathering of a community of musicians that spans the heavy metal history of the first 25 years of Roadrunner Records: from King Diamond to Slipknot and beyond. Those who were lucky enough to be there experienced a night they will never forget. For the first time as a live concert album, this 3LP set on red, white and black coloured vinyl is a chance to relive that special night again and again.




Side A

01 Biohazard "Punishment"

02 Madball "Set It Off"

03 Stormtroopers of Death "March of The S.O.D."

04 Life of Agony "River Runs Red"

05 Obituary "The End Complete"


Side B

01 Mercyful Fate "Curse pf The Pharaohs"

02 King Diamond ''Abigail”

03 Annihilator "Alison Hell"

04 Deicide "Dead By Dawn":


Side C

01 Trivium "Pull Harder On The Strings Of Your Martyr"

02 Killswitch Engage "My Last Serenade"

03 Chimaira “Pure Hatred"

04 Fear Factory "Replica"


Side D

01 Type O Negative "Black No. 1"

02 Roadrunner United “Tired ‘N Lonely"

03 Stone Sour "Brother"

04 Roadrunner United "The Rich Man"


Side E

01 Roadrunner United "The Dagger"

02 Roadrunner United "The End"

03 Soulfly "Eye For An Eye"

04 Sepultura "Refuse/Resist"


Side F

01 Slipknot "Surfacing"

02 Machine Head "Davidian"

03 Slipknot "(sic)"

04 Sepultura "Roots Bloody Roots"


Warner - 0603497841257

Roadrunner United - The Concert

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