Scott Walker - The Childhood Of A Leader OST

Singer-songwriter, composer and record producer Scott Walker composed the score of the film. The soundtrack album was released by 4AD on 19 August 2016. The Film served as closing film at 2016 International Film Festival Rotterdam, where the score of the film was performed live during the screening of the film.


Walker's score received acclaim, as Gary Goldstein of LA Times said that it "impresses and fascinates", Donald Clarke of Irish Times called it "MVP" of the film, while Peter Bradshaw of The Guardian described it as an "almost Herrmann-esque orchestral score from Scott Walker. The touch of suppressed psychopathic rage comes from his music."


Track listing


A1   Orchestral Tuning Up
A2   Opening
A3   Dream Sequence
A4   Village Walk
A5   Run
A6   Down The Stairs
A7   Up The Stairs
A8   The Letter
A9   Versailles
B1   Cutting Flowers
B2   Boy, Mirror, Cars Arriving
B3   Third Tantrum
B4   Printing Press
B5   On The Way To The Meeting
B6   The Meeting
B7   Post Meeting
B8   Finale
B9   New Dawn (Synth Layout For Cut Scene)



4AD – CAD3620

Scott Walker - The Childhood Of A Leader OST