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Sinead O'Connor - So Far...The Best Of

So Far...The Best Of brings together the highlights of Sinead O'Connor's four albums available via Chrysalis Records.


Originally released in 1997, it features the Number 1 worldwide hit “Nothing Compares 2 U”, as well as her early singles “Troy” and “Mandinka”. This record showcases Sinead’s enormous talent and fearless uncompromising style. Available on vinyl for the first time.


The album is presented in a 5mm sleeve and includes the tracks “Success Has Made A Failure Of Our Home”, as well as “Heroine” and “Just Like U Said It Would B” which were previously only available on the US version. 





1. Nothing Compares 2 U

2. Mandinka

3. The Emperor’s New Clothes

4. Thank You For Hearing Me

5. The Last Day Of Our Acquaintance


1. Fire On Babylon

2. Troy

3. I Am Stretched On Your Grave

4. Jackie


1. Success Has Made A Failure Of Our Home

2. John I Love You

3. Empire (Bomb The Bass Featuring Benjamin Zephaniah and Sinead O’Connor) 

4. I Want Your (Hands On Me)


1. Heroine (Theme From “Captive”)

2. Don’t Cry For Me Argentina

3. You Made Me The Thief Of Your Heart

4. Just Like U Said It Would B

5. This Is A Rebel Song


Crysallis - 5060516097234

Sinead O'Connor - So Far...The Best Of

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