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The Revivalists - Pour it Out Into The Night

Out 02/06/23 on Standard Vinyl OR Indies Flame Coloured Vinyl


Concord Records is pleased to announce Pour It Out Into The Night, the fifth full-length album from the New Orleans based group The Revivalists. 


The acclaimed eight-piece outfit consisting of David Shaw, Zack Feinberg, Ed Williams, Rob Ingraham, George Gekas, Andrew Campanelli, Michael Girardot, and Paulet "PJ" Howard, have returned with a thunderous new album featuring some of the best songs of their career. 


Led by the first single, “Kid”, Pour It Out Into The Night showcases the band at the peak of its talents - with intimate songwriting combining with the energy of their renowned live performances – into a singular collection of breathtaking music. Produced and mixed by acclaimed producer Rich Costey (My Chemical Romance, Death Cab For Cutie, The Killers, Vampire Weekend), it marks their first album with Concord Records. 


“’Kid’ is about capturing the essence of life. We all go through ups and downs. We’re always learning, growing, having new experiences, trying to achieve something. Everyone has an inner child, or like many of us in the band, we have our own children now, and this song is just saying 'hey, you got this" to anyone in any generation who may need to hear that.” 




1.       Kid 

2.       Don’t Look Back 

3.       Good Old Days 

4.       Down In The Dirt 

5.       The Long Con 

6.       Only You 

7.       Alice 

8.       Wait For The Sun 

9.       When I Got You 

10.    How We Move 

11.    Say Goodbye 

12.    Pour It Out 


Universal - 7249771

Universal - Indies Flame - 7249771

The Revivalists - Pour it Out Into The Night

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