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The Stranglers - Dark Matters

The Stranglers release the long-awaited new album Dark Matters on 10th September 2021.


Surviving Stranglers band members, JJ Burnel, Baz Warne, and newest member Jim Macaulay completed Dark Matters remotely during lockdowns, making it their first album since 2012. The album features the single 'And If You Should See Dave...', an honest tribute to their much-missed keyboard player Dave Greenfield who tragically passed away a year ago from Covid-19. “A year ago, on May 3rd my great friend and colleague of 45 years, Dave Greenfield, passed away, another victim of the pandemic.” says JJ Burnel. “We had already recorded most of the album with him and during the lockdowns our only wish was to complete it as a fitting tribute to his life and work. I consider this to be one of our finest recordings.”

Greenfield himself features on 8 of the 11 tracks, which were made over the course of two years at the band’s studios in the rural idylls of Somerset, and in Southern France, produced by long-time collaborator Louie Nicastro.





1. Water

2. This Song

3. And If You Should See Dave…

4. If Something's Gonna Kill Me (It Might As Well Be Love)

5. No Mans Land

6. The Lines


7. Payday

8. Down

9. The Last Men On The Moon

10. White Stallion

11. Breathe

The Stranglers - Dark Matters

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