The Who - The Who Sell Out

Released 23/04/21


Reissue of The Who's legendary third album, first released in 1967, which was a concept album of songs made into advertisements, with the cover art featuring members of the band pretending to endorse various products. The band actually was doing a few commercials at the time, so this album was intended to poke fun at that. This was the first pop album ever not to list the song titles on its cover.


Track listing


A1   Armenia City In The Sky
A2   Heinz Baked Beans
A3   Mary Anne With The Shaky Hand
A4   Odorono
A5   Tattoo
A6   Our Love Was
A7   I Can See For Miles
B1   Can't Reach You
B2   Medac
B3   Relax
B4   Silas Stingy
B5   Sunrise
B6   Rael (1 And 2)


Catalogue number - 7711435

The Who - The Who Sell Out