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Tianna Esperanza - Terror

Out 17/02/23


Tianna Esperanza is a singer, songwriter, and storyteller who embodies a depth of talent and heart well beyond her 22 years and she is releasing her debut album Terror on 17 February, 2023.


With a sultry voice and flair for fashion, Esperanza creates compelling music inspired by legendary artists such as Nina Simone, Public Enemy, and Gil Scott-Heron. Esperanza also happens to be the granddaughter of punk legend Paloma (“Palmolive”) McLardy, who founded the London-based 1970s all-girl punk band The Slits and later played with The Raincoats.


Understanding her grandmother’s legacy in music, Tianna sought to forge her own path, though her life’s journey wasn’t smooth. Experiencing othering and colorism was felt on both a micro and a macro level for Tianna as she grew up, but she also suffered the loss of her younger brother, while later surviving sexual assault. There are layers to those levels of trauma, though her survivor’s instinct and therapeutic creativity fuel her debut album Terror, a project that is not only a composite of all she has endured, but also a means to find herself within the music.


“I wanted to honor every part of me,” Tianna says of Terror. “I knew that I had a story, and for a lot of artists their debut album can be autobiographical.” Terror is a cathartic balance of both darkness and light, where Tianna Esperanza sings about her lowest moments, yet ends with an unbridled hope. This rising star is geared to create a movement fueled by honest and authentic music that will stand the test of time.




1.      Terror

2.     Princess Slit and the Raincoat Prince  

3.     Lewis

4.     Tempered Heart

5.     Granada

6.     Buy You A New Attitude

7.     Three Straight Bitches From Hell   

8.     Hunger (feat. Mick Flannery)

9.     Pick a Stone (feat. Rachael Yamagata)   

10.   Lone Child (feat. Valerie June)  


Warner - 4050538774122

Tianna Esperanza - Terror

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