Zwartjes ‎– Tapes 2

Incredible follow up to the sold out Zwartjes Tapes 1, this vinyl continuation takes us deeper into the sublime world of the cult Dutch director Frans Zwartjes’ soundtrack tape archive; dream-like, disjointed, disturbing, peculiar, sexy, unexpected and totally unique. A PRESSING OF 750 COPIES ONLY WORLDWIDE. Frans Zwartjes is famous for his art-house films (look him up on YouTube). A Dutch underground auteur, his prolific output dates from 1968. A unique talent, Zwartjes produced, directed and edited his own films (his last work was in 1991), but more importantly he created and improvised the soundtracks too. Zwartjes and his large body of work is only now being recognised by a wider, more international crowd, with screenings at the NFT and other important art-house cinemas across the world. The recordings on Tapes 2 were mixed directly from the Zwartjes soundtrack tape archive. They were assembled directly and in real time by Zwartjes archivist Stanley Schtinter and have never been issued before. The music and sound have been put together as two long, seamless sequences; they are dreamlike, unsettling, peculiar, plugged-in, prescient and unlike any other soundtrack we have heard. All cues mastered and sequenced by Jon Brooks, AKA The Advisory Circle Single LP, standard black wax. None of this dicking about with 180 gram tip ons, multi coloured wax, obis, useless inserts or unwanted novelty extras. Just rare and beautiful and interesting music. So there.


Track listing


A The Teacher Part I  
B The Teacher Part II


Trunk Records ‎– JBH083LP

Zwartjes ‎– Tapes 2